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Lay down, relax, and feel the vibration of the crystal bowls, koshi chimes, buffalo drum, and fall into a meditative state.  Using the pure tones and healing frequencies of crystal bowls, chimes, and drums we can re-balance and bring harmony to the vibrations and frequencies in your body that are causing the discomfort.

Guided meditation throughout the session is optional.

30 Min  ~  $20 

60 Min  ~  $40


Feel the vibrations on the sound bath after indulging in an energy balancing massage using essential oil blends specific to each chakra.  The essential oil blends are massaged into the corresponding chakra.  The last half hour continue to relax and feel the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, ocean drum, and other sound bath instruments.

90 Minutes  ~  $150

120 Min  ~  $180

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