Spa Services

All facials include a warm bamboo face massage, and a L'BRI PURE 'n' NATURAL skin treatment!  Each treatment is designed to treat damaged skin caused by free radicals, sun exposure, skin conditions, scaring, age spots, and more!  Continue your L'BRI skin treatment after leaving the spa!  We will send you home with a 10 day supply of your treatment!  If you would like more information regarding your customized skin care facial treatment, request a consult by phone with Monica when scheduling your appointment!  Love L'BRI as much as we do?  You can purchase a four month supply at
Acne Treatment 
For mild acne, or sever acne this treatment is for you!  L'BRI's acne treatment will begin your journey to clearer skin!
Anti Aging Treatment
Reduce the appearance of time with this amazing skin tightening treatment you will fall in love with!
Oily Skin Treatment
Feel like you need to wash your face throughout the day because of oily skin all over your face?  Treat yourself to L'BRI's Oily Skin Treatment regimen and control the oil with this great treatment!
Dry Skin Treatment
Don't let your skin lack luster!  Enjoy a treatment that brings your skin back to life!  Get rid of the flakiness, dullness, and give your skin a hydrating boost!
Normal or Combination Skin Treatment
Reduce the size of your pores with this treatment that will keep your skin health and radiant!
Spend 20 minutes in a single person whirlpool before any service!
Hair Cuts for Women, Men, and Children
We specialize in haircuts for the entire family!  
Hair Color by Joico
We offer partial foil, T-foil, all over foil, all over color, color retouch, vivids, and ombre services!  To receive a proper estimate of hair color please schedule a complimentary consult!
Whether you are looking for a beach wave, or spiral curls, we can help you get the curls of your dreams!
Hair Extensions
At Cardinal Spa and Massage we offer three different types of hair extensions:  tape in, I-tip, or wefting (sew in hair extensions).  To determine what kind of hair extension is right for you schedule a complimentary consult!
Lash Extensions or Lash Lift
Looking to give your lashes a lush and classic look?  Lash extensions or a lift will accentuate your look naturally!
Easy hair removal using hard wax.  
Upper Lip

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