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No skin is the same, so every facial is different!  Our facials are customized to every client's skin care needs and goals!  

Cardinal Spa and Massage is very proud to offer IMAGE SKINCARE.  IMAGE is a global skincare brand powered by proven ingredients, smart botanicals, and results-first technology!  Your skincare specialist will design a facial perfect for your needs and goals!


Our custom facials include oxygen infusion treatment, extractions, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, and serum penetration!  This service will take your average facial to a whole new level!

60 Min  ~  $75


If you are looking to create an even skin tone, and texture, a skin lift is just what you might need!  a deep exfoliation to help reduce the appearance of scars, and uneven skin.


60 Min  ~  $90


As the skin stretches because of pregnancy, itching and discomfort can occur.  Reduce itching, and add moisture to your pregnant belly with soothing and hydrating lotions and cleansers on your belly.

60 Min  ~  $65


Head to toe body waxing leaves your skin feeling smooth for up to 4 weeks.  No more shaving those pesky areas!

Brazillian  ~  $90                Full Arm  ~  $45

Bikini  ~  $50                         Half Arm  ~  $30

Chest  ~  $60                        Underarm  ~  $30

Back  ~  $70                          Eye Brows  ~  $10

Full Leg  ~  $70                     Upper Lip  ~  $8

Half Leg  ~  $50                    Chin  ~  $10

                                                  Full Face  ~  $25

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